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Sunday, January 30, 2011

date nights and stuff.....

We have been helping make cloth diapers for HH, the orphanage, A came from. Since the sewing machine is out, I have been doing some other things that I have been putting off-yes, I am a self-diagnosed procrastinator. O kept asking to learn how to sew, so I said why not???!!!
I showed him how to operate it and he practiced by sewing the liner for the diapers, which is just straight lines and perfect for a beginner.(not that I am that much past that) He was so proud of himself and the end product. He loves doing anything 'crafty' or using his imagination. He loves legos and blocks and enjoys creating things, so I shouldn't be surprised that this would make him excited. He was OBSESSED for the next couple days after learning-he made about 30 liners. My next goal is to teach him how to thread the needle, bobbin and machine. It was funny to hear him talk about when 'he has kids(which he has always said he didn't want-just a dog) he is going to make all their clothes, starting with PJ's.' He is going to start by making himself a shirt-stay tuned for that:)

Ignore the messy craft table:)
A goal we have as parents is to spend one on one time with each kid. It was my turn and privilege to take T out for his date. It is so pleasing to see how excited and proud they get when it is their turn. They get to pick where we go, within reason and it is all about them.
I had to make one stop while we were out and when I told him he said,"NOOOOO, not girlie stuff, just boyyyyyy stuff!" I laughed and said it would be quick. One would think we were going to something sporty or hunting/ know....boy stuff.....Ummmm....NO. We were going to Starbucks! But he loved it-it is a special treat to go there and have a "pink drink". We have cut our budget so much since our 2 adoptions, eating out and starbucks is like winning the lottery at our house;)
When T gets our full attention, he is a different child. He talks and talks and is polite. We went to PetSmart to see the fish and small animals they have there and he was so excited. He played with the aquarium decorations like they were toys-they had dinos and sharks.
Here he is eating his cookie at starbucks.

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