Help us bring home Rose

Thursday, January 13, 2011


We have sent our dossier for review. Once it is reviewed and approved, we need to get it authenticated, translated and legalized. We also are waiting to have our homestudy approved so we can apply to USCIS for our FDL.
Our prayer is we can get all this done(not FDL) by the end of January so it can be taken down to Haiti in Feb. This will only happen by the GRACE of GOD. We need around $13,000 to turn in with it. It sounds so unattainable and we often feel overwhelmed when we think about it. But we also know how GREAT our God is! If HE wants this to happen NOW- He will make this happen. He loves our girls more than we do and has a plan for our family to unite, so we take comfort in that.
It is exciting to get the paperwork done and down there, I will feel like a weight is lifted.
"M's" bday is this month and I can't help but want to be with her. I want to help her celebrate her life, even though I know very little about it. I can't wait to get to know her- and of course "A". I pray we can have them home by her bday in September, call me a dreamer-I know.
We have a fundraiser coming up-----January 24
All you have to do is eat at the PIZZA RANCH from 5pm-8pm.
Our family will receive 10% of the proceeds and TIPS!!
Come eat some yummy pizza!

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  1. Love pizza ranch- too bad we don't live anywhere nearby...we don't have any here. PRAYING as you work towards bringing your babes home!!