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Friday, January 21, 2011

He turns our Saddness to Gladness

This week has been a week of sad news and the constant reminder that God is in control.
First we have been working hard the past two weeks to get all of our paperwork ready to be turned in the beginning of Feb. Of course, things don't always go the way we plan. Changes needed to be made, mail has gotten lost, among other things-point being-we won't be able to make this deadline. I was so sad at first! I mean REALLY disappointed!!! But as the realization sunk in, I was comforted by the TRUTH- that God does work everything out and in His timing! So the rest of the day, even though I was disappointed, I had a joyful heart.
Then today we heard some sad news about a little girl at our daughters orphanage. She was most likely a good friend of our oldest daughter there, "M". And our hearts just ache for her, and everyone else there who are mourning this little sweetie.
Even thought this week has been sad and stressful, I am ending it on a good note. Tomorrow I am traveling with a friend, who is also adopting from Haiti, to Alexandria for a Haitian adoption gathering. It's been year since a group of kiddos came home and they want to get together as well as families currently in the process. Needless to say, I am so excited to meet new adoptive families and visit with Amy and Lindsey with our agency, and of course, Rhyan who spends time in Haiti. I love learning new things about Haiti and maybe she will teach me the correct way to say some phrases I have been learning. I will miss my WONDERFUL husband who will be a single parent for the next two days, and my children. But getting a way will be a nice break from the ordinary.
And today we got to see a family off at the airport, on their way to Ethiopia to meet their daughter and have court. After praying and hugging, we said goodbye. I am so excited to hear all about their trip and their first meeting with little miss 'M'. God is so good all the time-All the time God is good! When things are going good, I will praise Him. When things aren't going the way "I" want them to and my heart aches-I will praise HIM!

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