Help us bring home Rose

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We mailed our dossier today!!! It was Travis's anniversary present to me, he handed me our packet of papers with the check we needed to mail in. I was soooooooo excited and shocked. He had waited since Monday to tell me. Defininately the best anniversary we have ever had!!

So now we will wait to hear if everything we prepared is in order and then we will be on the wait list and we will be assigned a number. What the number is exactly isn't a big deal to us, just knowing we have done all we can do for this part. God has worked through this process, it has been amazing to see it. Oh, the story we have to tell other prospective adoptive parents.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

God's Mission: Adoption

When we come to Christ, God not only forgives us, He adopts us. Through a dramatic series of events, we go from orphans with no hope to adopted children with no fear. Here is how it happens. You come before the judgment seat of God full of rebellion and mistakes. Because of His justice He cannot dismiss your sin, but because of His love He cannot dismiss you. So, in an act which stunned the heavens, He punished Himself on the cross for your sins. God's justice and love are equally honored. And you, God's creations, are forgiven. But the story doesn't end with God's forgiveness.
For we have not received a Spirit of slavery leading to fear again, but you have received a spirit of adoption as sons by which we cry out "Abba! Father!" the Spirit himself bears witness with our Spirit that we are children of God. (Romans 8:15)

It would be enough if God just cleansed your name, but he does more. He gives you His name. It would be enough if God just set you free, but He does more. He takes you home. He takes you home the Great House of God.

Adoptive parents understand this more than anyone. I certainly don't mean to offend any biological parents-I''m one myself. We biological parents know well the earnest longing to have a child. But in many cases our cribs are filled easily. We decided to have a child and a child came. In fact, sometimes the child came with no decision. I've heard of unplanned pregnancies, but I've never heard of an unplanned adoption.

That's why adoptive parents understand God's passion to adopt us. They know what it means to feel an empty space inside. They know what it means to hunt, to set out on a mission, and take responsibility for a child with a spotted past and a dubious future. If anybody understands God's ardor for His children, it's someone who has rescued an orphan from despair, for that is what God has done for us.

God has adopted you. God sought you, found you, signed the papers and took you home.

Max Lucado
From The Great House of God

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finalized Homestudy

We just got our finalized homestudy in the mail today!!! AGCI has approved it and we are set to send in our dossier.
We can't wait to get on the waiting list.
The orphan ministry at our church is underway and we are excited to see our vision come to life. The committee has met a couple times so far and we are ironing out our vision and the details. We hope we can help spread awareness for the need for families to open the hearts and homes to orphans worldwide and to assist families who are going through the adoption process, financially and emotionally. We want to see orphans united with their forever families so they can ultimately have a chance to know the ONE who loves them the most, their heavenly father.