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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Haitian Gathering

Another adoptive mommy and I left sat. morning for a 5 hour drive to attend a Haitian gathering in Alexandria MN. It has been 1 year since a group of Haitian kids were brought to their adoptive families after the earthquake and were having a reunion. They also invited families who were currently in the adoption process for Haiti.
I am so glad we went. It was wonderful to meet the other families and visit about our children. Everyone has such a heart for their kids and all the kids in the orphanage. It was amazing to finally meet Rhyan since we have stalked her blog for a while now. She has such an amazing servants heart!
The adoption process is hard and long and it makes it much more pleasant to walk through it with a group who first-loves the Lord and secondly-is so passionate about adoption. I am excited to get to know these families and experience the heartache of the wait but also rejoice when their families are UNITED.
10 HOURS in the car isn't fun, but it was a JOY to visit with my friend-Michelle-without interruptions. But we were both so excited to get back and see our families. Thanks again Travis for watching the kids and being a great daddy.

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