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Thursday, January 20, 2011

One year Ago!

One year ago tomorrow, we left for Ethiopia. We said "goodbye" to our beautiful children here in America to say "Hello" to our beautiful daughter in Ethiopia. Nothing could prepare us for the emotions, good and bad we would experience through the next week. We couldn't wait to get there and see Africa and especially our daughter. The day we had been dreaming about for a year was actually happening!!!

I love packing so I was in Heaven trying to get all our necessities to fit with all the donations we wanted to take. I think I packed and repacked a dozen times.

And now a year later, we are going to see another family off at the airport, as they go meet their little girl in Ethiopia. Hopefully when they return we will be celebrating the official new member of their family as they pass court. Of course, she is already a member of the family-we just like to celebrate anyway!

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