Help us bring home Rose

Saturday, February 5, 2011


We should have our paperwork ready to send/taken to Haiti this week. Which is a huge relief, for me. It's been exhausting to constantly think about what needs to be done next.....what paper we are waiting on or needing to mail off.
As happy as I am to be done, I am scared. I am scared that now the paperwork is ready to send and we don't have the money to send with it, which means we can't send it.
It's like I felt better knowing we didn't have the money because we didn't have our paperwork ready anyway-it was my safety. So I actually wasn't really trusting God. WAs I???
I want this part of the process done so the next part in Haiti can start. I want the girls HOME.....I want to meet them....I want to hold them....I want to start the process of bonding.....healing.....I want to know they are feeling loved and wanted.....
********Do you see the repetitive use of "I"?********
Lord, let YOUR will be done in this process, NOT mine. You say to come to you with requests and we have, so I don't need to keep carrying this around. You know what we need to complete this adoption and bring these girls home. Help me not try and control but TRUST in your PERFECT timing and will. You how much we long to see our girls and how much we love them, because you love them even more.

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  1. PRAYING that God will provide EVERYTHING for your needs....because they are HIS too....children. PRAYING for HIS comfort.