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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sick kids.......Good News

The past two weeks we have been trying to contain the germs in our house to just one kid....we failed. Child #2 is now sick! During the day he is acting fine but at night he just coughs and coughs.(like the nasty croup sounding cough) The first night when we was running a fever, I had him and helped him get through the night. But then night two, after no nap and no sleeping the night before....I couldn't really cope. I know.....I am a mom and that's my job....what I am made to do...console my child at night.....
I confess, I am horrible at nighttime.
I don't know why.
Even when they were babies, I can't function at nighttime. Maybe I am not fully awake.....
Anyway, God knew my short-comings and made sure I had an AWESOME husband who can handle nighttime wakings.
(Don't get annoyed, I am going to brag on how amazing my husband is right now. Skip to next paragraph if you don't want to hear-cause you know your jealous:)

S couldn't lay flat but wouldn't stay on the propped pillow next to me and was fighting me. He would cough so hard he would almost throw up. I was becoming frustrated because I wanted to sleep and he wouldn't do what he needed to stop coughing and go to sleep...repeat for a while. Then I was saved by his daddy, who came in and took him and slept with him in our big chair in the living room. He let him sleep on his chest, which helped him not cough. Poor guy didn't sleep but a couple hours...and I feel even worse now that I write this all out. I am very thankful that he is such a good "helpmate". He really does a wonderful job with the kids and helping if I need him around the house too. Thank you T!!!

We received our update on our girls from our agency director who was just down there last week. It was a very positive update. Both girls are back at the orphanage and doing well. We were told some stories about them that gives us insight on their personalities. I am always overjoyed to hear anything knew about them and treasure any bit of information or pictures we get.....but it also makes me long to meet them even more! Soon, I pray!

We also got our dossier back from the translator, so now we are just waiting for one more thing to return and we are ready to "make some copies". Oh yes I will be annoying my husband the whole time with that SNL skit the whole time we do it!
"The the copy room....makin copies....."

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  1. Ash, I can't wait to "meet" these two beautiful girls of yours. You are such a wonderful mom and I am praying for these girls to be in your arms and home soon!!