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Sunday, February 13, 2011


ONe of the ways we like to help the kids learn their colors is to make them their own book with pictures of themselves with all the different colors. S found t's book and wanted to make one of himself, so that is what we did this afternoon. A wanted to join in too, of course, and totally was into it. S fizzed out after the first two colors.....

So here we go with brown,

Love her smile/laugh!

Pink! Yes, that is her sleep cap!-it's pink though:)




(see he is carrying around T's picture from his book)
It has been a crazy couple weeks with sickness in our house. t started then last week Dad and S got it and this week A and I got it. S ended up with pneumonia and T had a sinus infection. I am hoping we are at the end of it all now.
Our dossier is complete! We made all the necessary copies-6 sets total!! Can I just say "INSANE?" I will post pictures of it all.
Now we are praying for the funds to turn it in. It is hard but we know God's timing is perfect and He will provide!

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