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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I totally stole the idea of a family night from another adoptive family and it just so happens that our last name starts with a letter that also is the first letter of a day of the week-lucky us:)
We started "W" Wednesday a couple of months ago and it has become something we all look forward to. For Travis and I it is a way to make memories and traditions with our kids, for the kids it's a reason to have snacks and camp out in the living room-but all agree it's a fun time.
When we began doing this, Oliver brought it to our attention that really every night IS family night for us. We really don't have busy schedules that take us away from each other-this is intentional by the way. I am sure it won't always be this way, but for now it is important for Travis and I to be the ones who influence them and build memories with them. Even though I am with them ALL the time, these family nights together allow me to just hang and have fun. I often worry about finishing tasks in the evening while Travis spends time with the kids after being gone all day. During the day, we are doing school, housework, and sometimes it seems like I am correcting them most of the day. But when "W" Wednesday comes, I have an excuse to take that part of my mommy hat off and just ENJOY my children.


These are very random pictures-Addis wanted to do an impromptu photo shoot.

She said,"Mom, you me, picture!" How could I say,"Uhh, No mommy hasn't even gotten ready for the day."? Thankful my children love me at my worst, and I am not just talking about physically.

Trying to make fishy faces-we will keep working on it.

Thatcher giving his bear a piggyback ride

Addis wanted to pretend to be asleep. I thought she wanted to be done but she wanted me take her picture while she was sleeping.

I will try and take some pictures tonight and post them tomorrow of our "W" Wednesday festivities.

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  1. We have family nights too! LOVE THEM!! :) Those pics are very cute!