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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


One of his favs right now-thanks to Toy Story 3

I often get saddened by the fact I don't have any babies in my home anymore. I LOVE the baby stage, the little clothes, their smell, holding them, their coos.......

But.....I am enjoying each stage after that with my kids, like playing real games instead of pretend animals ALL the time. A new thing, is that my kids are enjoying watching movies that I actually like. We watched Elf on Thanksgiving, and they LOVED it. Now I catch them saying, "I am standing in a store and I''m singing." And burping and saying, "Did you hear that?"

Part of the reason they liked it was Will Ferrell because he is in another movie favorite of ours, Kicking and Screaming. His name is Phil Weston in it and one day Thatcher was playing and out of the blue said,"This is Phil Weston's stuff." We cracked up! So now Will Ferrell is known as Phil Weston and everything he does is hilarious to them.

So move over The Grinch you have been replaced by Elf as our new go to Christmas movie.

I love that we have a similar sense of humor.

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  1. LOVE the many stages as our little grow up....although we keep bringing home more littles as well.....hmmmmm...... :)