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Friday, November 26, 2010

Pulled In

Today I went shopping for Christmas presents for my kids. I had a plan and we decided to do 3 presents for each kid, one want one need and one spiritual. I made my list and set off to get it all done today.
I know Christmas is not about presents...........
I am determined to help my children know the real reason we celebrate.......
I hate shopping and the commercialism of our culture.........
Yet it took me 5 seconds in a store and I forgot ALL of that. I can't believe how I almost got pulled into the idea that I am not a good parent if my kids don't have 20 presents under the tree and I don't spend a certain amount on them. It was like I was in auto-pilot.....see toy....must buy it....see toy....that's cool.....child needs it.....that's
I didn't go overboard, like I felt like doing, I did stick to my list and our goal of 3 presents each. However, I am just amazed how easily we can get pulled in to what our society tells us is appropriate. How to dress, how to talk, how to pick your mate, how to parent your children, how many presents they need at Christmas, how many cars you should have, what is success.......
I am glad I have a compass that points me to the truth or I would be lost.


  1. Amen!! Very easy.....glad we have that compass too!

  2. I so agree! We do 2 gifts from mom and dad - one fun, one more need based. We also draw names and give each family member $20 to buy a gift for their name. Our kids handle this great, but I have felt a little bad sometimes when I hear their freinds quiz them about gifts and say - that's ALL you got?! Yes, using our compass is huge, young or old!

  3. It is SO hard not to be sucked in. I want to buy my girls everything. I also made a list which helps alot. And...Dave reminds me what Christmas is all about whenever I get off course.