Help us bring home Rose

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Prayer of the day

I forgot to do yesterday's prayer from our prayer chain. (I am one of those people who start a journal and forget to write in it for weeks at a time:)

So yesterday we prayed for her TB testing that there wouldn't be a delay at all and she can come home right away. She has been healthy so we are praying for continual health and esp. a clear chest xray.

Today was for her special mothers who are caring for her 24/7. I can imagine how attached they could get caring for a child all the time. From watching others videos of HH and seeing the special mothers love on the children there, I know each one of them care about those children. Watching them leave must be bittersweet for them. I can't wait to meet her special mothers and tell them "thank you for doing such a good job". So we pray for them and their lives and that God will bless them and comfort them as they have the blessing of being a part of these children's lives but the sorrow of seeing them leave.

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