Help us bring home Rose

Monday, December 21, 2009

Travis and I both took this week off so we could have some family time. We originally would be going to visit my family in MO but since we will be most likely traveling in January to ET, we thought it best to just stick around home for the holidays. (Sorry to my family:(
We have started some of our Christmas traditions already; baking day, hot chocolate while we drive around and look at Christmas lights, christmas movies and popcorn.....more to come this week.
I am trying to concentrate on Christmas right now and making it special for the boys. I really want to help them understand what it is all about. I don't want them to have to struggle with the greediness that is so humanly natural and magnified during this time of the year. Having no tv has really helped with the "I wants" as well.
I do want them to have a fun Christmas and what person doesn't get excited to open something special?! But when you get 20 somethings, is it really special then? I guess balance is what I am seeking here. I want them to be as excited to give or do something for someone else as they are to receive a present.
After Christmas I work for two more weeks at the YMCA and then I am done!!! Then there is only 2 weeks before we travel (If all goes well). Looking at it this way helps me not drive myself crazy thinking about getting to my little girl. I am so excited to see her in person, she isn't a photograph, but a real little little girl. Just saying that makes me smile.


  1. Me Too!!!!!! :) Praying you get that earlier date!!!!

  2. the earlier one would be awesome...but I would love to travel with YOU guys too. YOu guys are such an inspiration to us...your faith, your view of family, adoption(foster care). It would be wonderful to meet you guys in person.