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Friday, December 25, 2009

Jesus's Birthday

These pictures are backwards order, so we will start with Christmas Day. We celebrated Jesus's birthday in the evening by baking cupcakes and singing "Happy birthday" to Him. The boys think it's the funniest thing ever that it's HIS birthday but we eat the cupcakes and we get presents. The afternoon was spent relaxing. Some slept and some played with their new toys. It was nice just being under the same roof together.

Sebastian loved his gift from Nana Jane and Pop Dave. Talking cleaning kit (broom, dust pan, iron, dust buster and trash can). He loves helping me clean anyway, so this was the perfect gift.

Thatcher really was at a good age for gifts this year. When the presents started being passed out, he said, "This is going to be GREAT!" It was so neat to see his excitement.

Oliver did really well being patient while his brothers opened their gifts first. He was really excited to open them too, but he was gracious and let them go first.

Oliver was excited to get some dragons to paint. Look at his crazy hair!

Pop Dave trying to open a toy. Why do they package them so much. You need a degree and multiple tools just to open them.

Christmas Eve we went to church. I was prepared with my camera to take our family picture, but it didn't happen. But the boys were handsome in matching shirts, you'll have to take my word on it. Our theme for the holiday season was, "Give this Christmas away". At the end of the service, every family was encouraged to take a gift from the stage and deliver it to a designated place. The gift we chose was to go to the fire station. Travis and Oliver took it in and said something like, "Because God has blessed us, we want to bless you and thank you for your service to the community." The fireman were suprised and thankful and took them to see the firetrucks, which Oliver thought were stinky! (the tires) It was a great memory for us as a family and we were glad to be part of it.
When we came home, we had pizza and then made gingerbread men.

We weren't suppose to do presents for eachother-but T ignored the agreement! He bought me the necklace I have been wanting since we started the adoption process. I was very suprised and touched by this gift. It has a heart over Ethiopia and her name on the back. I LOVE IT!!!

Thatcher slipped while getting out of the tub and busted his chin open. It didn't really bleed that much but the wound was wide enough we took him in to get stitches. Lucky for him (and us) they just glued it together. Now he is proud to have a scar to match mine!

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  1. Hope your Christmas was Blessed & praying as you make travel preparations! :)