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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Adoption has made me a better mom

I am amazed at all of the things I have learned going through this adoption process; about orphans, how God provides for us, how awesome friends can be, how fun it is to meet new people who share a common goal, how God gives us love for a child we've never met. Most recently though, I have learned how going through this process has made me a better mom to my biological children. Sometimes in the normal grind of life, I lose sight of the little things I love so much. When we think of Addis and all the other orphans, all without families to care for them, we can't help but picture our boys in the same situation. It breaks my heart to think of the children worldwide who don't hear, "I love You" or "you are special", "God made you and loves you".
Because of that, I am finding myself taking advantage of the little moments I have with each of the children. Getting that last little hug in before they run off and play, or hugging them quickly as they walk by, reading the same story over and over (with the funny voices) just to hear them laugh, listening to a rambling story and knowing it means the world to them to have me interested in what they have to say.
I am blessed by being able to stay home with them, but that doesn't mean I get to spend all day just soaking in their awesomeness. My mind is always running through all of the things to be done around the house, bills, phone calls to make, homeschool, friends, family. But because of this journey, I have been reminded to be present in those times with them.
The dishes can wait til they're in bed, the house might be messier than I would like it, but I know I won't ever look back and regret spending my time with my little blessings and I definitely would regret it if I didn't.


  1. I linked over from somewhere and just wanted to say I love your blog and am totally going to steal your "Why Ethiopia?" info for my blog if that's okay..
    my husband and I began the process to adopt from Ethiopia almost 2 months ago:)

  2. Sooo true. Taking time to soak up your important...and remembering that is important too. Love your post today...