Help us bring home Rose

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Everything is going well. We are slowly getting on a schedule and settling into a "norm". I think that was the scariest for me, not knowing how it was going to be and what it was going to look like.
She is still doing great. She doesn't quite know what to do with Sebastian. They like each other from afar, but once he gets close, she screams. She knows what is coming, a big bear. He is so funny to watch, he doesn't know how big he is and just almost tackles her. So here is a picture of them smiling at eachother, that's why I had to post it. They are too cute.

We have gone to a lot of dr. appt. and we still have some more to go to. Things so far are coming back positive and we are praying for more good news as we dig a little deeper into a specific issue. Her walking is improving everyday and she has almost mastered the stairs. How amazing is that? We didn't even know if she could ever walk and now she is almost running.
We have an appointment with an occupational therapist to evaluate her and hopefully see what more we can do to help her catch up. There was a little question on her age, maybe she was really only going to be 2 instead of 3. The dr. really thinks her birthday is right, and looking at her mouth full of teeth, we agree. She does much more than Sebastian in some areas, but it's so confusing because she is so much smaller than him and she is a whole year older. She is really closer in age to Thatcher-10 months apart.
The Husons, some family friends, just sent in their contracts to AGCI and will be starting on their dossier soon. We are so happy for them as they made this big step. Congrats guys!!!
We are getting quite an Ethiopian community here, it's exciting. By next summer, there should be at least 10, that I know of, little Ethiopians here in our city. How fun will it be to get together with them??


  1. That picture is just too cute! Hope things keep going so well for you all. Look forward to your updates! Tara

  2. Love the pic. Glad that she is doing great.

  3. TOOOO cute! Love that your community is growing in this way too!

  4. Great photo! Amazing how much she is doing! Yay!!!!