Help us bring home Rose

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sweet things

Everyday we are seeing more and more of Wibnesh's(yes we still call her that and we can't decide what we will do with her name) personality come out and oh is she sweet! I have noticed the more use to us(or bonded) she is, the less she sleeps and the harder it is to get her to sleep.(I think early on, she used sleep as a coping method)She wants to play and talk instead of sleep, what 2 year old doesn't, right? We started doing this thing before bed where I go through all the names of the people that love her. I say "Mommy loves Wibnesh" and she shakes her head "yes", "Daddy loves Wibnesh" and she shakes her head "yes", and so on. Tonight as I was rocking her, she did this little jabber and then shook her head "Yes" and jabbered some more and shook her head "yes", I did catch a mommy in there and a Jesus. It was so cute that she wanted to do it on her own. I indulged her then and went through all of the people(ok not ALL) that love her.
After I prayed for her, then she closed her eyes and said a whole lot of something, none of it I could understand. We are pretty sure she is speaking in Amharic a lot of times. Then opened her eyes and smiled at me. OH I just LOVE THIS LITTLE GIRL!!!

Tonight we had family movie night. As I sat in our basement, all 6 of us, I felt so blessed. A year ago, we were talking about adoption and if we should take the leap. Now we have our long awaited child with us, just hanging out, as a family.
We have been home a week and tomorrow we will have known her for 2 weeks. It feels like so much longer than that. I guess because we have loved her longer than that?
I am in awe by how well things have gone with her adjustment period. I shouldn't be in awe, this is what we have prayed for since we knew her. I am certain there will be struggles, but this was a huge blessing to have our first week home go so well. We were able to reconnect with our boys, as well as, introduce them to their new sister without any major drama. As stated in an earlier post, it is has been HARD, I am not forgetting that, but prayers have been answered and we are blessed.


  1. So exciting to hear about your precious little one!!! What a beautiful story. Praying for more wonderful bonding & BLESSINGS!

  2. what a story. the process of bonding is so bitter sweet. there are times when i just melt with the closeness I feel and other times I feel like we are "missing" each other some how. If I am honest, though, it has been the same with all my kids, I think I am just so much more aware of it with Havi. I love this post- can't wait to see pics of your family together.

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