Help us bring home Rose

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My first attempt at styling her hair.

Injera What??? She has discovered the potato chip and isn't going back. Why didn't I start with an apple or something?

I am getting a little better with the hair. She doesn't like it in for very long, and if it is tight, she pulls it out right away.

Sebastian has been refusing to get dressed for the past 3 days. Today I managed to get pants on him. Maybe by Sunday he will be fully dressed and we can go to church.:0)

Travis went back to work this week so I am all by myself, not including the 4 little ones running around. The first day was good. The second day was ok. Today, I was ready to pull my hair out.It just started off badly, just a little off. We finally got to bible/story time at 9:45am, after meltdown after meltdown getting ready for the day, half of us were still in our PJs even. OH Well!!
We have added something back into our day-something productive.
I was even adventurous and had them do a Valentine's Day craft. Something they could all do, GLUE! Everything was going great, Sebastian and Wibnesh did theirs beautifully, and then we ran out of glue. Mmmmmm.....not well planned on my part.
For the most part, my days aren't that much different than before, except those little moments I had to myself here and there during the day, are GONE. I could check my e-mail here and there,or make a phone call while they were playing, not really an opportunity now. I am sure once we get into a groove, it might be different. Even if it's not, e-mails can wait and that's what voicemail is for, so I need to "let it go".
Now let's see what we can add tomorrow.......


  1. Great job on the hair! I also don't have many of those moments to do something like check email or make a phone call. If I do it s with her typing with one hand or sitting by her on the floor with my laptop.

  2. The hair looks great. Good job. Hopefully the days will become easier. Kudos for trying a craft. =)

  3. Ashlie,
    Her hair looks great!! She is a girl after my own heart with the chips-love it! I think Sebastion boycotting the clothes is too funny! Here's to independence!!!

  4. oh, she's so cute!! How old is she? She looks so much like my Lucy Lane!! She has great hair!! kristi

  5. Jacob went through a phase where he wouldn't wear his pants. Crazy. Hang in there. PJ's are's 9pm and I'm STILL in mine! LOL!