Help us bring home Rose

Monday, January 4, 2010


Like everyday for the past 2 weeks, we anxiously checked the mail for our FDL from immigration.
I have been praying so hard that we would get some sort of news today, at least a sign that we are close to getting to go get her.
I had to laugh a little when we got the mail today.
Instead, we received an anonymous donation.
We were at a loss for words. Someone who knows us and our situation, wanted to be a part of this awesome journey, adoption. They saw the need and acted on it according to what they could.
The amazing thing is, this has happened time and time again in our adoption. Out of the blue, not really-more like God's timing, someone has blessed us through their obedience to God telling them to give, specifically, to our adoption.
I only share this to first of all, give Glory to God for his provisions. Secondly, to encourage those who can't see that the "impossible" really is possible. It might just come in a different way than you expected or desired.
Even though we still don't have the paper we need to travel, God is still reminding us that He is putting everything into place. He is paving the way in His time and His order.
So here is a big THANK YOU! to the anonymous giver, and to all those who have blessed us in various ways.


  1. That is such a beautiful gift not only from the donor, but also from God.

  2. That is amazing, next up..FDL!