Help us bring home Rose

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ethiopia here we come!!!

We got the approval we needed today, so we can make our plans to go to ETHIOPIA. I still can't believe it-it's finally here! I have been guarded about planning and now it's like I am in overdrive. I can't sit still....I know there has to be something I need to do...oh ya....pack....get the boys ready for mom and dad to be gone for a week...line up babysitters for the I breathing??? That's a little look into my brain today. I love it! I love looking at her pictures and knowing I WILL see her SOON! THANK YOU JESUS!!!

Again, today we were amazed by God's hand in our lives and this adoption. He has once again, blessed us with a donation from someone (you know who you are) to help us bring her home. I love the fact that He puts adoption on people's hearts in different ways. You don't actually have to adopt a child to be part of the miracle of adoption. It may not be for everyone. All He wants is for you to obey Him-whatever it may be; adopt, foster care, sponsor a child, give to an orphanage, missions trips, financially help a family adopting......who knows the awesome ways He is calling you to be involved. Now stop and think of the life of lives you are forever changing because of your simple obedience.


  1. SOOO excited for you and can't wait to hear all about it!!!! It won't be long now!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations! Hope we can travel together! My brother just called and asked me if I knew your family. He said he met someone from Bismark ND that knew a Wills family that was adopting through AGCI and hoping to travel this month. I didn't know if that was your family or not. Hope all goes smoothly from here on and you travel quickly.
    Stacey Borst