Help us bring home Rose

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It was time for Sebastian to get his long hair cut. So I did my best to bribe him to sit still while I cut it. It actually turned out ok. Thankfully he has hair like Oliver that is more forgiving to amateur barbers like myself. He looks like a little man now.

So we finally got carpet and baseboard in her room and it is now looking like a room.
Thank you to our family friends, Mike and Nicole for coming over and helping us get it done, who knows how long it would have taken us to finish without you!

We found a pair of sunglasses while cleaning the playroom and Sebastian hasn't put them down. He doesn't mind if they are off his nose and upside down, he knows he is cute!

Sorry the picture is sideways, I thought I turned it. We thought it was fun to let them play with the Styrofoam blocks. THEY had them and the mess up is a different story. FYI there is no efficient way of picking those little things up, sweeping-they just fly everywhere, vacuuming-static makes them stick to the vacuum. We had little white Styrofoam balls all over the house(including our washing machine) for at least a week.

Another view of her room.

So I am soooo happy with her room, there is just something missing...........

Next to the dresser is our pile of donations. So far we have enough to fill 2 tubs! I thought it was going to be hard to fill-not at all.

The boys love playing in her room (i'm sure because it is new and different) Standing on the toy box is the new fav.
(Check out sebastians one sock??? And one glove??? He loves accessories, hats, gloves, glasses, socks)
Does anyone else's 3 year old get obsessed with certain clothes. T wants to wear the same thing everyday and night, it is a production to get him to let me wash it and wear something else.


  1. cute pictures. So glad everything is coming together in the nursery.

  2. The room looks beautiful! Great job!!!!