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Thursday, October 15, 2009

They said 'YES"

We got a call from our agency yesterday and they said we could move forward to adopt a little girl we have been interested in for a month. We first saw her through a waiting child e-mail from AGCI. Travis e-mailed to get more information about her and we started praying about her and how she could fit in our family. After a long weekend we notified AGCI that we were interested but evidently so were some other families. Since she is in between Thatcher and Sebastian, it would break birth order, something they don't like to do. So we were told they were going to go with another family. We were so sad about that, but knew God had a plan for her and us. We had the door open and shut for her 2 more times. Throughout this rollercoaster ride we never doubted God's plan, whether this plan had her in our family or not. We don't know why it went this route or why we had to be disappointed, but we are rejoicing now.
Our heads are spinning with what is to come the next couple of months. Our prayers are heavy for her and her health issues, whatever they may be. We pray God will prepare her heart for what's to come. And for our boys hearts to be open to her and not doubt our unconditional love for them.
We have lots of planning to do, rooms to rearrange, painting. And the thing I have been waiting to do since we started having children but was never able to do, SHOP FOR GIRL CLOTHES!!!!
We have no idea what size she is but we know she is really small for her age, so we won't buy too many right away. Even though the idea is exciting for me, I know our focus will not be on clothes when we get her.
I can't wait to be able to post pics for the world to see our new family member!!!


  1. congrats!! we broke our birth order with a little girl in between our 2 bio boys...its a whole lot of fun:)!!!

  2. We brought our daughter home in June. She was a waiting child also! She just turned 8 and we are having a great time having her home! Congratulations on accepting the referral!