Help us bring home Rose

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sinking in

Now that the reality of us getting her is sinking in, my emotions are changing from ecstatic to sorrow. I of course am excited to get her home and get to know this child we love already, but I am now saddened by the loss she has and will always have. I am sad knowing that her family will be saying goodbye to her and she will always deal with that issue. We are starting to prepare our letter for her father and siblings and I am just so heartbroken when I think about our children and how I would feel having to give them up, for any reason. Then to think about the amount of children that deal with rejection, whether they are an orphan or still with their families but just not loved, possibly abused, it's beyond comprehension. Everyone, whether they can recognize it or not, long to be loved by someone on this earth. Unfortunately, some will never have that kind of love, but my prayer is that EVERYONE can know the kind of love that lasts forever-God's.
I hope we can help her as she goes through every grieving stage to realize her worth and value. I hope we are sensitive to the specific way she might grieve her loss for her family and culture.


  1. I hear this a lot, and just know that you will. You will know what to do- because you will know, and God will give you wisdom. Adopting so many children....I don't know everything, but I know that we have strength because we know a God that heals in ALL situations....I will pray for you as we both prepare our letters, and picture books, and our hearts for our special girls :)

  2. this is one thing that still brings me to tears almost daily...that my baby girl has already experienced so much loss in her life. still though, she has so much joy. isn't that amazing!? we will be praying for your little girl and the rest of your family.