Help us bring home Rose

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

International Pediatrician

We heard from the Dr. that is reviewing "W" medical files. She said things look promising and that with some love and good nutrition she should blossom. We were so excited to hear that(although we had our mind's made up already) and it was nice to hear her perspective on the medical concerns she has. We know that the permanent effects will not be known for years to come, but we feel confident that she is our child.
We are praying she stays healthy and continues to do well at HH until we can get to her. It is so hard to be here and know she is so far away......
We have made more progress in the "O" area accepting this new little one. This morning he commented on the blanket we bought to send to her. He asked if I thought she would like it and I said "I hope so", then he replied, "me too". In my heart I know he is fine with it, it's just his personality to reject everything that is new or unknown. When not prompted about her, he is interested, but if WE ask him about her, he isn't interested in discussing the subject. But again, we are making progress and we still have a couple of months till we bring her home.


  1. Hey! I am thrilled to have found out who you guys I fell in love with your daughter's face when I saw her on the waiting child list. We already had our referral of our wonderful B (that we are madly in love with) so I said a prayer that your little one would find her family soon. I am tickled pink!!! Let's keep in touch since our girls are buds at HH. :)

  2. just found your blog through the agci listserv. congrats on your referral! so glad that she found the family right for her and you found the girl meant for you. it will be fun to follow your journey.

  3. Hey, I know she has promise....look at the family God picked for her!!!! Praise God!!!

  4. I too just saw your email to the AGCI listerv. Congratulations to your growing family! Look forward to following along and maybe meeting your sweet girl (or you!) in ET?