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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We are in Haiti!

First of all, I need to update on how God has blessed us through some of you. We had some super generous donations that allowed us to finish our adoption, debt- free! It's not a big deal to some people but for us, it was something God impressed upon us. We fully trusted that because He put this on our hearts, He would make it happen if we just stepped out in faith. So a huge Thank you to all who have given. It is very humbling to be in this position of receiving. But it does show a person Gods body of believers coming alongside eachother to accomplish something great.
Second thing, we are in Haiti. Right now!
Yup! We just spent our first day with Rose and it went great. She is spunky and fun. She has a great belly laugh and also a fake laugh when she just wants to laugh. She loves to try on shoes and clothes and get her hair done. Addis and her are going to be fast friends. She went to us right away and even let Travis hold her right away which is amazing since when we first met her she refused to be around him.
We spent the day just playing with her and trying to get to know her. Tomorrow will be a long driving day as we attempt to go visit her bio family. I am praying for a productive meeting. No doubt it will be a hard one, but necessary for the future.
She will eat everything and constantly asks for Bon-Bon .( not sure of spelling) food is definitely her comfort. I will post pics when we are finally home.

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