Help us bring home Rose

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Winner of the $50 Target gift card Announced!!!!

Thank you to all that gave this week. We really appreciate your support!
We have one more week left for the Kindle Fundraiser and we are so thankful for the amount we have raised so far.

Monday, September 17, 2012

MINI GiVeAwAy!!!!

!!!!!!!MINI GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!
From tonight until Friday, those who donate on our blog will be entered to win a $50 Target gift card in addition to a chance to win the Kindle Fire.
We will draw the name on Saturday.
Help us finish this adoption debt free!
We are hoping to bring her home by Christmas if our paperwork keeps going at this rate. We obviously don't know when exactly it will happen, but we are hoping to not let finances hold us up at any point.
Thank you for helping give Rose a family.

School starts

 School started for us and we are taking it slow the first couple of weeks. We are doing a mixture of curriculum this year, which is a first for me.

                                           Thatcher is in 1st

 Sebastian is in Preschool
Addis is in K

 After browsing through old pictures, you know the time before digital cameras, I realized how little pics I have taken lately of my kids. And COTP where Rose is, does such a good job of taking their photo every month. I am embarrassed to admit I think I might have more pictures of her, then my children in my home. I am so thankful to have the ones of Rose since I can't be with her, but I know I will be thankful years from now if I take the time to get pictures of all my kids. They grow so fast.

Oliver is in 3rd

By the way, we did school today, not just take pictures. But we could've counted this as school.....listening to direction, getting along with others, counting to three.....Ha!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


I can't say enough how incredible it is to see God working, through this adoption, through my friends and family, complete strangers.......
Thank you for giving and helping us bring home our Rose.
Whatever money that is over our immediate need will be used for the next stage and travel. We anticipate a total of $11,000 left and have already been blessed with $5500 of that between our fundraiser and a grant. That's crazy!!!
Thank you again for your support.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kindle Fire Fundraiser

Just when I was starting to get discouraged and down about how long this adoption was taking and how the money just seems to always be an issue, God reminded me of His faithfulness.
I have a very sweet and generous friend who has offered to raffle off a Kindle Fire for us to raise money for our last adoption fees.
 I am so in awe of  God's timing and the way He uses people in our lives to bless my socks off.
I never doubt whether or not God CAN do something, but I sometimes wonder if it's in His will for something to happen the way I want it to in a situation. It is so hard to be in this situation of humbling myself and relying on others (God) to do something, right now, bring home our daughter. But I know this is God's perfect way of keeping us dependent on Him and bringing people together to accomplish something great.
I am a  giver. I am not comfortable being on this end of things, but I am. I can't do this without help, your help.
Please consider using the donation button to donate to our adoption and for every $15 donated, your name will be entered in to win a KINDLE FIRE!!
We so appreciate your love and support.
Rose is doing well and thriving at her orphanage. I am sure her mom and dad would be so happy to see her doing so well.  We pray we can have her with us by Christmas and she can start to know the feeling of unconditional love in a family.
 Kindle fundraiser will end at the end of September, so get your name in every time you donate $15.
Please leave a comment with your name and email so we can keep track of entries and email the winner.