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Monday, September 17, 2012

School starts

 School started for us and we are taking it slow the first couple of weeks. We are doing a mixture of curriculum this year, which is a first for me.

                                           Thatcher is in 1st

 Sebastian is in Preschool
Addis is in K

 After browsing through old pictures, you know the time before digital cameras, I realized how little pics I have taken lately of my kids. And COTP where Rose is, does such a good job of taking their photo every month. I am embarrassed to admit I think I might have more pictures of her, then my children in my home. I am so thankful to have the ones of Rose since I can't be with her, but I know I will be thankful years from now if I take the time to get pictures of all my kids. They grow so fast.

Oliver is in 3rd

By the way, we did school today, not just take pictures. But we could've counted this as school.....listening to direction, getting along with others, counting to three.....Ha!!!

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