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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wibnesh turns Three!!

We are going backwards order with the pics. April 15 (yes tax day) Wibnesh turned the big 3. She of course had no clue what that meant but we tried to get her excited and we talked about it the week leading up to her big day. We sang "happy birthday" everyday and asked whose bday it was-she finally would answer correctly. It was weird to think back before she was with us and how we were so desperate to get her by her birthday. Now she has been with us for 4 months and we have celebrated her birthday. So here are some pics of the special day spent together as a family-we didn't have a big party for various reasons.

Oliver being silly with the frosting.

Sebastian enjoying his cake immensely.

She got her own Ethiopian flag cake(she didn't eat it all-she would've, but we stopped her)

Dressing up

Such a pretty

Her favorite thing was her doll from Nana Renee, she sleeps with it and carries it during the day. She is such a sweet little mommy, kissing, rocking and changing the babies diaper. I really think this shows how good the care is at Hannah's Hope. Because she saw them love on the babies and care for them in such a wonderful way, it is now natural for her.

She got soooo excited about the clothes

and the hair accessories.

It was so fun to see her smile and appreciate her gifts.

Best gift for any kid-BANDAIDS. I guess stickers too, but what cheap entertainment.
A mazing

Big brother Oliver showing her how to properly open a present.

Ready to PARTY!!!

Enjoying the spoils of her birthday box.

Nana Renee loves putting things together to send to her grand kids.
Thanks Nana

Excited to open the BOX!!

This is her first piece of mail-ummm...the bar is set pretty high.

We had a wonderful day celebrating the day you were born. You have been through a lot in the last year and we pray that your heart will be healed and you will continue to be joyful as you grow. We are so thankful to you for showing us what we were missing and changing us forever. You are such a blessing. We love you.
Mom and Dad


  1. She is looking so good and adorable. I am so glad that you all had a wonderful birthday celebration! Hard to believe it has been so long since we've all been home! Tara

  2. oh, she's just beautiful, kristi

  3. She is SO cute! Happy 3rd birthday to your sweet Addis!!!! :)

  4. HI there:
    We an very near to bringing our daughter home with AGCI. I found your blog through another AGCI family and your house looks like mine will soon look. We have three sons and are waiting on our daughter. YOur daughter is so precious! I am writing to inquire how you made the wall art in her room. I love it!!!!! I am just getting rolling on her room and would love to know more about how you made the quote. Very fun!