Help us bring home Rose

Friday, May 1, 2009

2nd homestudy visit

Our next homestudy visit is scheduled for the 16th. Please pray that the social worker will get an accurate view of our family when she visits. Help our hearts and desire to please God in our daily lives shine through the "craziness" that occurs when someone new comes into the house.(dog, boys excited and showing off)
We have our application packet ready to mail with all our medical records,doctor's approval letters, and our personal statements regarding losing Hudson. Of course getting a family picture taken was an issue. But in the mail it goes.
Yeah! We are one step closer!


  1. WooooHoooooo!!!!! You are getting things done:)

  2. Thanks for the update. We have been praying and continue thru the process. You have been busy getting alot done!

  3. I think you guys will do great at the homestudy!!
    I don't know how anyone could not fall in love with you and your family:)....
    p.s. this is Brittany