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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Still alive!

It's been almost a year since posting last.......not sure what happened....oh ya! Life!! Ha! Lots of things have happened since then. Here are some highlights for you:
July- went to Ethioian festival, Mehaber, in MN. Addis rocked some braids!
August-helped with the flooding in the area.
  September- school started again (do we really ever stop learning, really?) o started 2 nd, T started k, and A and S in preschool.
November- went to MO for Thanksgiving and had a great time with family.
December- watched the Elf movie everyday with little bursts of the Grinch. S opening presents was the highlight. He gave the classsic response of joy and excitement.
  Ugh! The low after the holidays....... I will use this time to tell you the update on our adoption front. As last you read, M & A we're no longer available for adoption and we had a decision to make. Do we stop? Do we try to adopt another child somewhere else? Do we wait forever in hopes they come back? ( not really since they are with their parents, where they should be) After much prayer and discussion, we moved on and we were matched with a little girl at another orphanage in Haiti. Little RM is at Children of the Promise orphanage. She will be 3 this June and is a sweet thing. We had to do a little paperwork change but not too much. We are making our first trip down in a couple weeks to meet her. The process has been so much longer then Ethiopia it's been hard to keep focused on it. It has been such a different journey for sure. I think my mind forgot about it sometimes to spare myself from being so impatient. But every time we received n update or new pictures my heart would melt a little more. RM is a strong, sweet, special little girl who has blossomed over the year she has been at the orphanage. I can't wait to meet her.
March- we decide to tear apart our kitchen and dining room area. Quite a transformation. We have learned so much doing it ourselves. I am really glad we did it this way, even if it would all be done right now.....oh well. I will post before and after pictures on next post.
  April- house remodel. My dad and stepmom came up to help us install the flooring. It was a fun time being with them and sharing our time and house, and FLU with them. Of all the times!
  May- still house remodel And here we are in June. Pictures to come. We will be doing some fundraising soon, so stay tuned. (ya right, I don't have a very good track record of being consistent on here:)